Our Smart-Bid Platform


Limited Advertising Options

You own a small or midsize business but despite all the efforts and investments you have no access to data available to A-gamers in your industry, and you’re struggling with programmatic redundancy. Our AdTech integrates only the best SSP with the most effective pathway towards publisher inventories, reducing your chances of duplicate impressions.

Budget Waste

Your ranking system keeps missing your target customers, and you lose too much money on ineffective ad placements. We consider the 3 crucial aspects of display advertising - time, users and ad slots - before ever showing your ads, allowing you to spend your advertising dollar on more unique users, better ad placements, and optimal timing.

Ineffective tactics

You lack the right strategy to make the most out of your users’ data in order to advertise in a privacy-safe space. Our true real-time bidding technology enables you to bid on individual impressions, not a predetermined price. It’s a cost effective strategy that means you only pay what an impression is truly worth.

Advertise Like a Pro

Preciso opens the doors to premium advertising for all advertisers – big or small

With Smart Targeting and precise media buying, businesses can access the same traffic as their greatest rivals.

You profit by saving. And we know that. Preciso programmatic bidding AdTech helps you invest only in traffic and visitors that matter to your business, bringing you a step closer to boosting ROAs with each new campaign.

Our advertising algorithms and ranking system gets your message straight to the right people, so you won’t waste your campaign budget on ads that won’t work. We achieve all this by bidding at the right time on the most valuable users and placements creating smart targeting ads that convert.

That way, advertisers who partner with Preciso get safe targeting methods and consumers enjoy a privacy-friendly environment.

Our Smart-Bid Platform Makes It Happen!

Preciso’s global team of AdTech innovators designed a digital advertising technology that turns DSPs into a playground for smooth and profitable bidding.

Preciso Smart-Bid Platform uses customer journey data & machine learning to help businesses around the world hit the highest win rates in the RTB marketplace. 

Preciso’s Predictive Intelligence Ranking System continuously learns from the patterns it gets  - that way, we can provide even better predictions over time.

Our custom strategies are there to reach the most precious users, while dynamic creative ads serve as a final touch for delivering results that make a difference. No unnecessary traffic, ineffective ad placements, or unqualified visitors.

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